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A story shaped by women, a common thread that unites the brand to its customers, a communication of values and passion.

Our history

The year is 1930, in Buti, a small village in the mountains overlooking Pisa, a candle glows and Giuseppe weaves with his gnarled hands. Chestnut branches are turned into baskets. He is creating.

The year is 1960, in the same small Tuscan village. A small workshop and inspiration.
Ilo has taken up his father-in-law's legacy with full force. No longer “baskets” but bags. The first collection is blossoming.

Year 1985, still here in the place of roots and affection, Simona and Marisa, the daughters, set up an all-female management. They embrace the heritage of human values, experience and attachment with new dedication and strong will.

In 1989, a name materialises, KONTESSA, not just bags and accessories. A team composed almost exclusively of women. A creative and research study, a prototype laboratory, a big production and shipping space, an administrative and sales office, a large company showroom, many departments working in synergy.


"Contessa" is the woman who wears Kontessa. She has style, elegance, but at the same time she is strength and determination: she has the wisdom of someone with experience, and also the vision of someone who knows how to look beyond. "Kontessa is noticed, remembered and sought after".