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Fashion Film - Part II

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Gabriele PaoliAnglo-Italian director Gabriele Paoli returns to direct the second chapter of the fashion film “Kontessa”. The first part, which came out last March, starred Jun Ichikawa (RIS, L'Allieva, "Addio al Nubilato") and Alice Bellagamba (Amici di Maria De Filippi) who, through their outburst of life, took possession of the Villa of Kontessa, their secret dream since childhood.
The film left us in suspense when someone was heard entering to interrupt the girls' happiness.

Here the second chapter starts six months later, this time making use of the autumnal and decadent atmosphere of the Villa Medicea in Buti and the autumn/winter collection of the Kontessa brand. But to keep the two intruders company, a mysterious and sensual new character has arrived, played by model and actor Davide Clivio (Big Brother ...).

The second chapter of this trilogy is sure to be remembered for its exotic, glossy glamour, and we are sure that it will tickle the audience's fancy, especially in the finale. After all, like the 'Kontessa' woman, the brand never backs down from a challenge.

The hashtag promoted by the film #siichivuoidiventare therefore goes on, with all its strength, a hymn to the beauty of diversity and the importance of being ourselves, in any situation, at any cost.

Exclusively for Grazia.it the video of the second part of the Fashion Film Kontessa and the Behind the Scenes photos directly from the set.